Quite rigid and reliable BJD toy carrie
Hi, friends. Since we have faced the problem of absence of proper carriers for BJD dolls, we decided that we should handle this problem. We had met either brand soft toy carriers or heavy suitcases, or amateurish items – we were using such homemade carriers to the last. Therefore, once we had realized such a need, we decided to tackle that issue and create a convenient and reliable carrier bag for BJD dolls
so that we have our hands free while carrying, having it on the back; expecting not to be afraid for its safety if we are squeezed in transport; for it as well not to bend if carried in a horizontal position. All other bags look like a sack and do not protect the doll at all. So this is what we have produced ;); we did our best to create a handy toy carrier for our lovely kids.
This toy carrier bag, BJD box, is best suited for BJD dolls of size from 55 to 75 cm in height; and smaller ones can fit together in one carrier. :)
The price is BJD box - $ 124
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Photo Gallery
In the photo gallery, you can see what a BJD box looks like in full size, see the kitting, view it next to a man and with full-length dolls, as well as a short video run by clicking a link in the VK group
The BJD box is made of reliable, wear-resistant impermeable material ready for any trial; it also has a plastic frame for rigidity and reliability, while the inside has a soft padding 2 cm thick to protect brittle areas.
We live in BJD world

We love BJD dolls like own kids, and we want to have the best carriers for our BJD dolls.

We are fond of them like you, we have similar hobbies with you, and both of us, I believe, are wiling to preserve our favourite toys intact.

Therefore, we use only beautiful and high-quality materials for our toy carrier BJD boxes.

We all want our little fellows to be safe, even at home.

Many of us do not have an opportunity to seat their babes next to them or in a comfortable, safe and visible place.

Even at home, kiddies face some dangers, especially when we are not around. These are younger brothers and sisters or pets who can gnaw, smear or somehow hurt our lovely dolls.

All of us love to attend photo sessions, as an amateur or professional; also we often, or at least sometimes, go to exhibitions or BJD meetings.

And here we are in for a danger: we may be pushed in public transport during the rush hour, or people may inadvertently lean on our precious burden, not to mention many more hazards; but if our moppets travel in a BJD box, the risks are reduced to a minimum.

Now you can safely travel to other cities or even countries! The rigid frame is much more reliable than the usual soft toy carrier; the inner soft lining will cushion a fall, bump or shock, so there is no more need to pack a doll in some additional soft material; now you can easily check and surrender it as your luggage.

P.S. - although you will feel down, all the same. :)

If we have to part, even for a short period, we are still fearful for safety of transportation of our much valuable cargo. There is no more need to dread and to pray for the postal service to deliver the doll safe and sound.
We worked hard

As a result, we succeeded :). We worked over our BJD box carrier for BJD dolls indefatigably, without a break for sleeping (it’s a joke, of course - sometimes we slept).

We really hope that you will like everything; still your wishes and advice will help our invention to become better and more convenient. So if you have any ideas and suggestions, write to the VK group: https://vk.com/bjdbox , and we shall try to take all your considerations into account
There are no fears now to get in a combat! :)

    Anti KICKS          Anti DUST
     Anti SUN             Anti RAIN

Payment and delivery
Payment using official receip

We offer a reliable, legal and official way of payment through an acknowledgement: contact us and tell us that you want to purchase a BJD box; we shall send you a check which may be used for payment in any bank. Print it out and present it to the bank nearest to you. Then send us a scan of the payment check, give us your address and phone number, and we shall send the BJD box to you.

Or you may pay through our group in VK
BJD box https://vk.com/bjdbox by transferring money from the bank card (still we recommend the first method)..

By default, delivery is made at the rates of EMS mail service. They can be found here:

If you wish to have the doll sent by a particular transport company, then please notify us about it in advance - we shall check the possibility of sending the item by the company you have chosen.
Why the price is not expensive?

We have agreed with the suppliers of the materials and components, as well as the manufacturers, that in case of ordering a batch over 30 items we are provided with a substantial discount on the toy carrier. Batches of 30 pieces or more are assembled quite quickly. We work under the principle of joint purchasing. You can pay after a next group is composed (leave an application with us and we shall inform you). The production takes place no more than 5 days.

In order to remove the doll from the BJD box easily, use a special case for the doll, which is included in the set.

The set includes: the
BJD box itself, a protective case for the doll, and a protective case for the BJD box.

In order to easily put the doll in the carrier, while not crumpling clothes, put it in a case with a handle, and then place it in the
BJD box.
We shall be much pleased to receive your letters and calls. Everyone will get an answer to his/her question. Do ask questions - we can tell you in detail where and how to open the case, how to fasten; will make additional photographs, if you wish.
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